Take action: Demand the Government takes action on air quality

The UK’s air is filthy - excessive levels of air pollution is damaging our health and our environment. In London alone it is responsible for the equivalent of 9,500 premature deaths a year.

Air pollution levels in London and the UK are above the legal limits set by the European Union and way above the recommendations of the World Health Organisation. The Government has been required by the High Court to publish a plan for how it will bring our pollution levels back within the legal limits. 

In May, after being dragged to the courts yet again, it published the latest version of this plan. The past two versions ended with the Government in court, each time because they failed to cut air pollution swiftly or effectively.

Sadly, this new plan is no different.

Demand clean air today

The Government is asking for feedback from people across the country on its current plan to reduce air pollution. 

To help you respond to the consultation, the form is pre-populated with responses from the Healthy Air Campaign (of which LCC is a partner). 

If you would like to add more information, please feel free to do so. The key points we ask you to emphasis are:

  • Any plan on air pollution needs to include a major emphasis on investment in walking and cycling – we need to switch away from over-reliance on motor vehicles as well as penalise polluting ones in order to bring air pollution down rapidly.
  • There need to be changes to the Vehicle Excess Duty to make diesel less attractive and encourage use of alternative, cleaner transport options.
  • There needs to be a national diesel scrappage scheme, so that people who brought diesel cars in good faith (because it was claimed – wrongly – that emit much less carbon dioxide than petrol-engined cars) are able to switch to cleaner transport options. 

Send in your response today.

The consultation is open until the 15th June 2017.