Take action: East-West Cycle Superhighway to Acton

The iconic Westway is due to be the route for the extension of the East-West Cycle Superhighway from Paddington to Acton. Are the plans perfect? Far from it - cyclists won't be able to easily get on and off, most likely, apart from at the two end points. And beyond Wood Lane on Western Avenue, the plans (like the far reaches of the A13) are not fitting to be called a Cycle Superhighway at all - as it's shared space with pinch points. That said, we think cyclists really need to get behind the plans from Paddinton to Wood Lane at least and support them at consultation. Why? Because, due to the intransigence of some London councils, this is the only way that west London will get such a vital link any time in the near future. So, please spend one minute to support Paddinton to Acton plans and tell TfL that the Western Avenue plans aren't good enough...

The one minute action:

The consultation is here: https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/cycling/east-west-phase-2 or jump through to the online survey for Paddinton to Wood Lane via the Westway here and to the online survey for Wood Lane to Acton here

Please make sure you click the "Yes" or "Partially" support button in each section you support, fill out the About you section, and you're done. Ideally also add some comments in each overall section. Here's what we suggest you base your answers on (please ideally don't just copy and paste our words - it has much more impact if you come up with your own):

Paddington - Wood Lane:

I support the use of the Westway to provide a Cycle SuperHighway, but would prefer there to be similarly high-quality routes on streets as well through west London - as this would maximise route choice. I'd also like ramps or other methods to get on and off the Westway at regular points, to maximise use. I want wider tracks on the slip roads - 3m minimum. And I want to see cycling provision extended along Wood Lane in both directions from the junction as a matter of priority.

Wood Lane - Acton:

This section of shared use path, with extremely narrow pinch points, will improve things for current cyclists in the area - but certainly doesn't deserve to be called a "Cycle Superhighway"! I'd like to see a different scheme that provides separate cycle and pedestrian facilities of a decent width, with similar noise and spray screens to the Westway - taking a lane from the carriageway if necessary. I'd also like to see more done at Savoy Circus - with high-quality infrastructure links to nearby residential clusters, amenities and transport hubs also considered here and further to the west.

The deadline for consultation responses is 20 March. So don't delay - write in today.