Take action: for more Cycle SuperHighway extensions, Better Junctions and great cycling

All consultations listed here closed 20 March or earlier.

The good news is right before the end of the current Mayor's term, we're seeing a deluge of amazing schemes that could help London take a huge leap towards being a truly cycling-friendly city. The bad news? That means, right now, loads of schemes desperately need your support to make them happen!

Please please please take a few minutes and fill out as many of these as you possibly can today (most consultations close 20 March, some well before that). Let's help make sure cycling gets a massive boost from our outgoing Mayor, the Cycling Commissioner and TfL (and loads of hard work behind-the-scenes from our staff and volunteers!).

We've made it as easy as we can for you. Please just click on each link below to go through to a blog post about each scheme, with links as to where find the consultation, how to respond and suggested response from us. Each one should only take a minute to do.

Cycle SuperHighways:

CS11 - West End-Swiss Cottage

East-West extension Paddington to Acton

North-South extension to King's Cross

CS3 - Cable Street

Better Junctions:

Highbury Corner

King's Cross gyratory

Hammersmith gyratory

Other important schemes:

Baker Street two-way

Seven Sisters Road

Consultation map:

All of these schemes and more are on our new consultation map. You can see what other campaigners are saying about schemes via Cyclescape from there.