Take Action: give feedback on the Mayor's Transport Strategy


The Mayor of London wants to know what you think about his new Mayor's Transport Strategy (MTS) – the document that will dictate policy on how people travel around the city for decades to come.

At the London Cycling Campaign, we know that making it safer, easier and more enjoyable for people to walk, cycle and take public transport is the solution to many of the big challenges facing our city, such as air pollution, the growing inactivity crisis, and creating a thriving and happy capital.

So after taking a look at this draft strategy, we agree with the long-term vision. The Mayor wants to increase the number of trips made by walking, cycling and on public transport from 64% to 80% by 2041 – an important goal given the rapidly growing population of London.

However, this target isn’t specific about how many of those new sustainable trips will be made by bikes. And with most of the headline goals aiming for 2041, six mayoral elections away, there are no halfway markers or route maps for getting there.

If the vision set out in this MTS isn’t at the heart of everything that is produced in the remaining 2 years of his first term, what happens after that?

To make genuine progress towards these goals, the Mayor needs to start now – and that means showing us how he will meet his Sign for Cycling promises; he's made a good start on making lorries safer and creating Liveable Neighbourhoods, but we're well behind on the pace needed to triple the length of protected cycle provision by the end of his first term.

Please take a few minutes to respond using the TfL consultation on the Mayor's Transport Strategy.

The key points we’ll be highlighting are:

  • We strongly support the vision of the MTS, and share the view that a shift away from the car will help improve air quality, encourage active travel and reduce road danger.
  • We strongly support the proposals to prioritise walking and cycling and reduce motor traffic dominance.
  • We strongly support the aim of eliminating all serious injuries and deaths on our roads.
  • While we support the vision and ambition of the MTS, we need to see early action to set the trajectory of the strategy on track to achieve these long term targets. That includes a plan from Sadiq about what he will do during his remaining term of office to meet the Sign for Cycling pledge, specifically on tripling the length of protected cycle provision, to set his MTS off in the right direction.  
  • We want a clear target for the number of sustainable trips that will be made by bike by 2041 (including intrim targets to help achieve that goal). 
  • We also want it to be clear what ‘high quality cycle routes’ mean in practice.
  • We think it's vital that the Mayor has tools to ensure the boroughs deliver on his Transport Strategy, as 95% of London's roads are in their control.

Have your say on London’s future.

Our full response to the Mayor's Transport Strategy, if you want the detail, is available as a PDF here or via our public consultation page.