Take action: help improve Oxford Street

Take one minute and help transform Oxford Street and ensuring cycling gets better as well. 

TfL's consultation on changes to the west end of Oxford Street runs from now until 3 January.

Please take just one minute to send a really strong message to the Mayor of London, TfL and Westminster Council that transforming Oxford Street by removing motor vehicles is an amazing plan but it has to include proper cycling provision too!

Three simple steps to help:

1. Open TfL’s consultation survey

2. For Question 1 (Do you support our proposals for the transformation of the Oxford Street district?), tick “Yes, but I have some concerns about certain elements of the proposals

3. In the comment box, reword the following bullet points into your own style, and add anything else you want to say:

  • Oxford Street is currently polluted, congested and horrible – removing ALL the motor traffic is vital
  • Really high-quality and direct east-west and north-south cycling routes are desperately needed. Lots of people want to cycle east-west and north-south through the area, and either don’t, or do so in fear. Get the development of Oxford Street right and this problem will be solved; get it wrong and it will be even worse.
  • Soho is already choked with too much motor traffic. None of the areas off the main roads around Oxford Street should be allowed to get worse as a result of this proposal. They should all become “low traffic neighbourhoods” so people can walk and cycle through them easily, with “no through motor traffic".

Click continue and fill out your details – and you’re done!

LCC's full response to the consultation is also available here.

More on the new consultation...

This is the second consultation on Oxford Street, seeking to radically transform the famous shopping district. The good news is the plans propose the removal of all motor traffic from the street – likely 24 hours a day (although we understand that this is being opposed in some powerful quarters). The bad news? They are still not sure what will happen to people travelling through the area on bikes.

You can read more about our position on the Oxford Street transformation here