Take action: Highbury Corner gyratory removal

Highbury Corner is due to get a massively welcome upgrade in the shape of not just gyratory removal, but protected space for cycling and extra space for pedestrians. We welcome this scheme and hope you will too. If you do, please respond to the consultation today - it runs until 20 March and it's facing stiff opposition.

The one minute action:

The scheme is here: https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/roads/highbury-corner-roundabout But if time is short just click straigh through to the consultation survey here.

It's important you give the scheme lots of support with the buttons. And we'd suggest using the following words as a basis for your comments, but not just copy-and-pasting them ideally:

Q2: "I strongly support the improvements for pedestrians, cyclists and the area. I particularly like pedestrianising the western arm of the gyratory and the safe space for cycling. That said, I'm concerned about: making sure nearby roads such as Islington Park Street and Canonbury Lane stay good for cycling and don't get lots more traffic; that the pedestrianised section (particularly in option 1) is designed well to ensure cyclists either are successfully routed around the eastern edge of the Island, or able to use the space to the west; cycle tracks are wide - ideally 2.2m; pedestrians and cyclists are not overly delayed at signals; that the entry and exit of tracks onto Upper Street are better designed to avoid conflict."

Then just make sure at the very least you fill out the About you section also.

LCC's full response to the public consultation is here.