Take action: Kings Cross gyratory removal... but where's the space for cycling?

The green roads are new cycling streets, the red roads are other schemes - and this is the map of how cyclists are meant to get around a re-envisioned Kings Cross, with the one-way gyratory turned into two-way motor traffic. Unfortunately, motor traffic capacity and congestions seems to have trumped all other factors. And the result is some big gaps for cycling. So please, tell TfL and the boroughs this isn't good enough, today. Because this scheme's consultation closes 20 March.

One minute action:

The consultation is here: https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/roads/kings-cross-gyratory/consult_view But you might want to skip straight to the survey

We suggest you oppose the proposed changes as they don't provide great results for pedestrians or cyclists. We also suggest you oppose the return to two-way motor vehicle traffic, but do support traffic reduction, and support new cycling facilities. Then answer question 7 in your own words ideally, but using this as a base:

Q7: "I support the London Cycling Campaign's and Camden Cycling Campaign's concerns regarding this scheme and their alternative proposals for the streets around Kings Cross. Removing the gyratory completely while trying to retain motor vehicle capacity at current levels results in disconnected routes for cycling and issues for pedestrians too. Instead a priority should be to include safe space for cycling east-west and north-south through the area (these main roads have seen fatalities and serious injuries to cyclists) and also to prioritise pedestrian movements. Given the widths of some roads, that will likely mean not all of the gyratory should be returned to two-way motor vehicle flow."

Then make sure you fill out the About you section on the following page.

Camden Cycling Campaign's proposals, which the London Cycling Campaign supports can be summarised with this handy alternative map they've produced:

Read LCC's full response to the consultation here.