Take action: Last chance to make Oxford Street amazing

TfL's consultation on plans to transform Oxford Street from the polluted, congested, collision-heavy horror it is now into something amazing closes Sunday 18 June.

So, if like the Mayor of London, Living Streets and London Cycling Campaign you want an iconic street at the heart of the West End fit for a city as amazing as London, and you want cycling to get better in the area, please respond now.

Take one minute to respond to the consultation here.

Please do add your own thoughts and words by editing our pre-filled-out email.

What are we asking for? We're suggesting you strongly support the scheme and ask for the maximum transformation possible - ideally no motor vehicles at any time. On top of that, we're raising three key points:

1. We need direct, high-quality, high-capacity east cycling route(s). But if Oxford Street is going to be radically transformed, it’s likely the best option will be a high-quality route very close nearby.

2. North-south cycle links. There are several major schemes planned in the area connecting to, or close to Oxford Street, and there’ll be lots of people who want to cycle north-south across Oxford Street. So links should be designed in, with better junctions, from the start.

3. We want TfL and Westminster to consider the whole West End. Walking and cycling must not get worse in surrounding areas, for people who walk and cycle there already, for any east-west cycling routes and because we don't want any nearby roads turned into the new Oxford Street in terms of congestion, pollution, hostility etc.

You can also see our full consultation response here, and see the TfL consultation here (all new consultation responses are here).

Our previous blog on our draft response is also here.