Take action: make Vauxhall Cross marvellous for cycling

It's the last few days to get in a response to TfL's public consultation on the Vauxhall Cross area. This has the potential to be a big win for the London Cycling Campaign and all cyclists who ride through the area - with the plans including high-quality, protected space for cycling through the area.

You can read our full (and fairly lengthy) public consultation response at our consultation page here. Or, if you only have a minute or two, make sure you tick the "supportive" or "very supportive" box for your views on the scheme overall.

Our main concerns are:

  • We are concerned what track widths will be.
  • Given TfL only expects minimal delays to motor vehicle traffic, more space could arguably be used to give pedestrians and cyclists wider and better tracks and pavements - particularly around the southwestern and northwestern corners of the bridge.
  • We're still concerned about how narrow the railway arch with pedestrians and cyclists using it will be.
  • The start of Nine Elms Lane is overly complex. And the southern section of South Lambeth Road appears to be uncomplete.
  • We'd like to see more done with Vauxhall Station itself - including potentially closing South Lambeth Place and a section of South Lambeth Road (as suggested in the "Our Vauxhall" vision for the area).
  • We are concerned that a few side streets may become busier - notably Bondway into Miles Street and Wyvil Road.

Giving your feedback and opinions only needs to take a minute. Go here, scroll down, and click "Have your say Online survey"