Take action: Save Sussex Gardens segregated cycle tracks

Many of Westminster’s proposed Quietways have lacked any kind of real cycling infrastructure. But this is not the case for the Sussex Gardens stretch in the Bayswater Road to Edgware Road Quietway.

The segregated cycle tracks have their own public consultation on a traffic management order (see the plans), separately from the rest of the Quietway.

Please take a few minutes to email tmo.westminster@wspgroup.com (quoting ‘Bayswater Road to Edgware Road Quietway (Eastern Section), reference 7287/PJ’) to say you support the scheme.

What else should you say? Make sure you mention (in your own words):

  • If this Quietway will help you with a journey you regularly make.
  • If you work, study or live the area, copy in your councillors and tell them you are local – click here or here to obtain their email addresses.
  • These are Westminster’s best-ever cycle route proposals and are badly needed to attract more people to cycling, including more women, families and older people.
  • Segregated cycle tracks are essential to transform the four-lane-wide Sussex Gardens into a safe cycle route. There are no east-west quiet street alternatives to Sussex Gardens.
  • Allowing two-way cycling through the 35m one-way section of Norfolk Crescent will address this barrier to permeability and allow people to access Sussex Gardens from quieter streets.
  • Three new crossings will be help pedestrians cross the busy Sussex Gardens / Norfolk Crescent junctions. 

Why is this scheme important?

Hardly any of Westminster’s proposed Quietways have made it through the public consultation unscathed. It’s why we need to show our support for this flagship cycling facility, proving its popularity to a council that all too often isn’t interested in decent cycling infrastructure.

And if we can ensure the survival of this section of segregated lanes, who knows what proposals might be persuaded back onto the table (Edgware Road to Fitzrovia…)

Where does the route go?

The proposed tracks will link to existing East-West Cycle Superhighway 3 tracks on Westbourne Terrace (below).

To the proposed set of segregated tracks on Sussex Gardens (below).



To a proposed contraflow cycle lane for this section of Norfolk Crescent (below).