Take action: Seven Sisters Road to get safe space for cycling?

A real chance to change Seven Sisters Road for the better - which is vital as while motor vehicle traffic on the road has dropped nearly 50 percent in the last 15 years, cycling has gone up nearly 400 percent. The Woodberry Down development board are consulting on multiple options to make Seven Sisters Road better. Not all of them good for cycling - so we'd love you to spend one minute to pick the options better for cycling. And hurry, consultation ends 9 March.

The one minute action:

Go to the consultation here: http://www.sevensistersroad.co.uk/ and click on Have your say, then online survey. Choose options 3 and 5. And under question 6, put the following into your own words:

"Given traffic volumes and the increase in cycling, protected space for cycling on Seven Sisters Road is really important. Doing this while maintaining bus lanes and pedestrian space is also vital. I also want you to fix the junctions on Seven Sisters Road to separate cyclists from motor vehicles in time and/or space - to get rid of "hook" risks and let us turn and go where we want to safely and conveniently. And where there is space, 2.2m tracks would be ideal to allow safe overtaking and enable all-ages, all-abilities cycling."

The full LCC response is here.