Take action: Support Brent's Carlton Vale tracks

It's not often Brent council do something positive for cycling. So please support this scheme near Queen's Park to hopefully help more of us to cycle to central London, to get local kids to school by cycling, and so the council gets the message cycling schemes are popular!

Brent's "Carlton Vale cycling and walking improvements" consultation ends Monday 28th November. It's the result of a long-term campaign by Brent Cyclists, who believe this will be a big change for the better and should eventually form part of a good-quality route connecting Primrose Hill to Willesden and Kensal Green.

One minute action:

  • Go to the consultation here and click on Start survey.
  • Click "Yes" to agree to the proposals and give your details on the second page.
  • Ideally, in the comments box, add your thoughts on the scheme in your own words. Brent Cyclists suggest asking for: semi-segregated measures or "stepped" tracks on the south side of Carlton Vale in the Westminster section (only a painted mandatory cycle lane proposed currently); the stop line in Fernhead Road to be moved back so that vehicles don't block access to the cycle track; a raised table at the end of Fernhead Road to reinforce cycle priority; semi-segregated protection on the north side of Carlton Vale to continue further west; and the 20mph limit to run throughout the scheme, including in Westminster (it might be worth mentioning the two schools nearby).
Don't delay, fill out your response today.
The main elements of the scheme are cycle tracks protected by semi-segregated "Orcas" on both sides of the road in Brent, "bus stop bypasses", and parallel cycle and pedestrian crossings for easy two-way cycling between Salusbury Road and Carlton Vale, without having to negotiate the Premier Corner gyratory (by Queens Park Station).

At the top is what the road should look like after the changes, here is the road at present:

And here is the main drawing for the scheme: