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Great news: the Mayor plans to introduce a new "direct vision" standard for lorries, ranking them by what the driver can see directly. Reducing ‘blind spots’ so drivers see people around them more easily, will give a lorry a higher star ranking.

We’ve been calling for lorries with better ‘Direct Vision’ (what you see though glass, rather than mirrors or cameras) for years, because they'll make roads safer for people on bikes and on foot.

The Mayor plans to not just introduce the World's first Direct Vision Standard (DVS), but ban lorries with the worst scores from London streets.

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Takes two minutes to fill out the form. The key points:

Question 5

Strongly agree

(If you want to add extra comment, use your own words: LCC has studied the technical assessments and agree these have been professionally and rigorously compiled.)

Question 6

Strongly agree

(If you want to add extra comment, use your own words: Both the research and the collision statistics and danger posed by HGVs justifies this proposal.)

Question 7


(If you want to add extra comment, use your own words: LCC wants a more ambitious target of five star rated lorries only in London by 2024.)

Question 8


(If you want to add extra comment, use your own words: This may help reassure the public and with enforcement.)

Question 13

TfL with research partners should be responsible for producing DVS ratings, with each vehicle assessed independently by a recognised testing authority.

The consultation closes on the 18th April, so please share with friends and family. 

Why are we supporting this proposal?

HGVs account for less than 4% of road miles in the capital, but in 2015 were involved in half of cyclist road deaths and one in five pedestrian deaths in London. Simply put, these are the most dangerous vehicles on the road for those cycling.

A key risk factor in a standard HGV is the lack of direct visibility, and that’s why we’ve been promoting lorries with good direct vision. By changing the design of the lorry, putting the driver cab lower down, in what’s called a low entry cab, and increasing the size of the windscreen and door glass on the left side (like buses), you considerably improve the line of sight of people walking and cycling on the road. Such designs are standard at airports and for bin lorries. They also improve safety for drivers who have fewer steps to climb and can walk across the cab and avoid getting out directly into traffic.

Please support the consultation. And until these lorries are the norm, also check out our advice on how to stay safe around lorries currently on the roads.