Take action: Support changes to the North-South Cycle Superhighway extension

A new TfL consultation shows that the proposed extension to the North-South Cycle Superhighway is moving forward, albeit at snail's pace. The good news is TfL is now consulting on a signalised version of the Snow Hill/West Smithfield junction with Farringdon Road. This is currently one of the more dangerous junctions on the proposed extension - and one that wasn't tamed in the original consultation. However, if this proposal goes ahead, then it will be far better.

We welcome the decision by TfL to address some of the issues we brought up to the previous consultation where we identified this junction as a problem. So please spend one minute writing in to say that you support the proposal to signalise Snow Hill.

This is what LCC said about the original proposals: "The junction with Snow Hill and West Smithfield has a very poor record of collisions. The current plans are unlikely to improve this situation, and may worsen it. This connection also joins the NorthSouth Cycle Superhighway to the Central London Cycling Grid at this point – reinforcing the importance of suitably calming it and increasing its safety for cyclists.

"In the current plans there are several issues: cyclists coming southbound downhill on Farringdon Street will encounter traffic turning or edging into and out of these two streets, while potentially travelling at high speeds; cyclists crossing from travelling northbound on the Cycle Superhighway to eastbound on West Smithfield, and those travelling from Snow Hill to turn northbound on the Cycle Superhighway face complex, fraught and potentially dangerous crossings which will see them stop alongside turning traffic streams that often include coaches and HGVs currently, and having to cross two lanes of traffic (in stages).

"This junction requires further treatment to make it a safe intersection which is not a barrier to cycling. Either signalising it in concert with the Charterhouse Street junction, or some other method of radically calming it is needed."

A more detailed critique of the specific plans for Snow Hill will be coming soon, but for now - the signalisation of this junction means that the junction has been largely tamed to reduce collisions and forms a more effective link to the Grid route. Although the many other concerns raised in our original consultation response still stand about the proposals to extend the North-South to Euston Road, and those are worth reminding TfL on.

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