Take action: Support, yes support, a Westminster Quietway

Proposal map for cycle routes in Westminster

Westminster hasn’t been doing great for cycling of late, shamefully. So we really want to let them know loud and clear that if they turn out a half-decent scheme, it’ll get support. And that there’s a demand for cycling in their borough. The Bayswater Road to Edgware Road Quietway is worth support. So…

Please take one minute to email tmo.westminster@wspgroup.com (quoting “Bayswater Road to Edgware Road Quietway reference 7231/PJ”) to say you support the scheme. 

What else should you say? Make sure you mention (in your own words):

  • If the Quietway will help you with a journey you regularly make.
  • If you work, study or live in the area of the proposed route, copy in your councillors and tell them you are local – click here to obtain their email addresses.
  • That good quality Quietways will attract more people to cycling, including more women, families and older people.
  • 'No waiting and no loading at any time' restrictions will prevent obstructive parking/loading and improve visibility and safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. These restrictions will be in locations where it's already unsafe to park, such as on the corners of junctions. 

Where will it go?

The route starts from Bayswater Road, where a new Toucan crossing from Kensington Palace Gardens is already under construction. It heads northward using Palace Court (southbound via Ossington Street) and Hereford Road, then turn eastward via Prince's Square, Porchester Gardens, Porchester Terrace, Craven Hill and Craven Road to reach East-West Cycle Superhighway 3 on Westbourne Terrace. Westminster Council have further details of the proposed changes and route online. The proposed route would also have a north west link using Hereford Road and Talbot Road to reach Ledbury Road, shown here.

A few months ago the proposed Sloane Square to Belgravia Quietway fell at the final hurdle, when a handful of objectors blocked the relocation of parking spaces to enable a contra-flow cycle lane. Please help us make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Please help us make sure this doesn’t happen again.