Take part in September meetings to develop London's car-free outlook

photo The Brunswick Centre in Bloomsbury is a successful carfree development in the capital

London Cycling Campaign is supporting the creation of an association to promote new car-free developments.

The London Carfree Association would create a ‘demonstration’ development in London to compare to Vauban, Freiberg, a town famous for its pleasant car-free environment.

The development would show how living without cars can be a joy, rather than a hardship. Many Londoners don’t own cars, and yet do not have the choice of living in an environment which rewards that choice.

LCC has already supported the concept of car-free developments in its submission to the Outer London Commission and the mayor’s new plan for London.

Join in the LCC car-free meetings
Londoners interested in car-free developments and the creation of a London Carfree Association can attend two public meetings organised by Carfree UK, supported by the LCC:

1. Lambeth Town Hall
Assembly Hall, Acre Lane SW2
7.30pm Monday 14 September 2009

2. Islington Town Hall
Council Chamber, Upper Street N1
7.30pm Thursday 17 September 2009
Supported by Transition Town Brixton, Campaign for Better Transport, Carplus, Friends of the Earth, Living Streets, London Cycling Campaign, Sustrans

Meetings supported by Lambeth & Islington Borough Councils

Visit www.london.carfree.org.uk