Tale of Two Cities

NY-LON became a reality on 1st March when a delegation from Transportation Alternatives (TA) visited LCC’s offices as part of an international fact finding trip.

A trip across London

Noah Budnick, TA’s Project Director and his partner Amanda, together with Paul Steely White, Executive Director rode across central London with Simon (LCC Director), Tom (LCC Campaigns and Development Manager) and David Love.

Different cities, different tales

Cycling in New York is growing but, at 120,000 regular cyclists for a similar population, they envy London’s recent rapid take-up of new cyclists and the Mayor’s commitment to go much further.

TA's projects

Apart from campaigning for better cycling facilities, the 5,500 member TA organises the annual Century mass ride, leads a Share the Road project aimed at improving mutual respect amongst all road users, and lobbies to encourage walking, too.

Learning together

Breaking down barriers to new cyclists is a theme echoed on both sides of the pond, and TA’s visit underlines just how much we can learn from pooling our experiences.