Team LCC - Newsletter 1


Thanks again for joining Team LCC, and welcome to the first edition of the Team LCC Newsletter – I will be sending this out every week in the run-up to Ride London 100, with information on fundraising and training to give you some tips, and build the excitement before the big day!

As always, send any questions to , and if you haven’t already, please send us a photo and a short description of why you are riding for the team for our gallery of team members!



Ride London is a great opportunity to raise money for London Cycling Campaign, and the efforts of Team LCC at Ride London are really important to supporting our work throughout the year.

Recent campaigns such as Space for Cycling, as well as the recent victory on ‘Cyclist Stay Back’ stickers are all funded through the efforts of our members and fundraisers!

We have a target of £5000 to be raised by Team LCC through Ride London. This might sound like a lot, but between the whole team we should be able to far exceed that!

To start, we would like every team member to commit to raising £100.

This isn’t much – it’s the equivalent of asking 10 friends to buy you a beer and a snack – or a couple of pints of 5-point Pale Ale. You are in training after all!

If everyone on Team LCC raises £100 we will be well on our way to hitting that target!


We have a London Cycling Campaign fundraising page on Virgin Giving here.  It’s definitely worth a look to see who is joining you on Team LCC!


Please do also add your own fundraising page to our LCC one – you can do this by going to our Virgin Giving site, and then clicking the blue button on the right and following the steps there.

It doesn’t take much effort to make one, and can then direct your friend, colleagues and family to your own page – people are more willing to donate if they know that they are supporting the efforts of somebody they know!

If you need any help setting this up, then just get in touch!

 Don’t forget to share your fundraising page on Facebook and Twitter, and use the #TeamLCC hashtag!

For some top tips on getting started with fundraising, try this advice from the Ride London website.

STOP PRESS: Donations to Team LCC can now be made by text. Text LDCC02 to 70070 to donate £5 – maybe next time a friend is buying a round, you could ask for a donation instead! 



Jim McCarthy (who some of you may know from last year) has kindly agreed to run some Team LCC training rides – email him at if you would like to join!

Every week I’ll be sending out some quick tips to help you get through the route – this week:Planning your Training

1.     Planning is important!

It’s worth sitting down to plan the training you will need to do for the event in advance – start with the 10th August and work backwards. The Team LCC training calendar below is a good guide – why not come along for the Team LCC rides?


2.     Do the distance


It is important to do some long rides in the run up to Ride London – try to have ridden at least one ride of at least 80 miles before the event - this gets your body used to the demands of the event though be sure to rest in the last week before Ride London!


3.     Don’t forget to rest


It’s on the days when you aren’t riding that your recovers and gets stronger – don’t think you need to ride every day – instead, it is important to build in some rest days to your training schedule – either take some time off the bike, or ride very slowly – for example, leave extra time for your commute and take it easy!

4.     Keep a training diary

Logging the training you are doing is a good way of motivating yourself, and can also help prevent overtraining. This summer the LCC office are completing the ‘Love to Ride’ challenge – why not join Team LCC there and log your miles that way?

5.     Don’t panic!

There is still time to train for the event. If you are worried about getting through the distance, why not come along to a Team LCC training ride – talking to people who have ridden the route before is a good way to get advice and there are people of all speeds in Team LCC – maybe you will find a training partner!


Want more tips? Try these links:


Team LCC Training Rides  - A message from Jim

There are 6 clear weekends until RideLondon, giving the opportunity for 12 possible rides at the weekends. I would not expect anyone to do all 12, but it gives anyone apprehensive about the ride the opportunity to get in early and find out more about the day, and anyone who is supremely confident can just turn up for one of the last rides to get a feel for the route and see if Leith Hill is as bad as they say.

I have set up an email address at so you can let me know if you are coming on a ride, and ask any other questions. I have also created a course (suitable for Garmins, but also useful as a map) here: . The rides below will follow this so you can familiarise yourselves with sections of the route.




-          Rides all meet at 0800 at Kingston Gate Car Park of Richmond Park (parking is plentiful at that time in the car park)

-          Eat a good breakfast before the ride

-          Bring water and repair kit. Do I need to say “make sure your bike is in good working order”?

-          Bring some cash as we may well stop for coffee

-          Bring a mobile phone and swap numbers with the ride leader.         


Team LCC Rides Schedule


1      28/06/2014        Ripley                                         25 miles

2      29/06/2014        Box Hill                                       30 miles

3      05/07/2014        Wimbledon, Putney                      25 miles

4      06/07/2014        Surrey Hills - Ripley, Newlands       40 miles

5      12/07/2014        Hampton Court - Walton               25 miles

6      13/07/2014        Surrey Hills                                  40 miles

7      19/07/2014        Hampton Court - Walton               25 miles

8      20/07/2014        Surrey Hills                                  40 miles                         

9      26/07/2014        Box Hill                                       30 miles

10   27/07/2014         Surrey Section                              65 Miles

11   02/08/2014         Box Hill                                       30 miles

12   03/08/2014         Surrey Section                              65 Miles

       09/08/2014       Rest Day - no riding         

       10/08/2014        Ride London - Assemble at the Olympic Park very early!                                 




Every week I’m going to include a link to an interesting recipe. This week, a ‘super green smoothie’ -

Something that green has to be healthy!



Happy riding!