TfL consult on what could be London's first real cycle superhighway at Vauxhall


Fully segregated lanes running through the worst traffic one-way system in London and across Vauxhall Bridge make this the most ambitious cycle infrastructure yet seen in London. The complex plans and options are open for public consultation until September 17th.

This is the first section of Cycle Superhigway 5, linking the Oval to Belgravia and quiet routes around Victoria Station. Future sections are planned to take this route through Camberwell towards Lewisham.

The key test for the plan is that it must provide enough space for any cyclist to easily find their way through the junctions without extra delay. This should be a route suitable for family cyclists as well as the thousands commuting to and from work.

The new plans for Oval junctions also published this week offer even more for safe cycling on the Cycle Superhighway 5 route. 

London Cycling Campaign CEO Ashok Sinha welcomed this consultation. He said: “We are very pleased to see that the Mayor is beginning to make good his commitment to LCC's Love London, Go Dutch campaign by recognising the past deficiencies of the Cycle Superhighway programme and only adopting international quality standards from now on. We remain concerned however that the plans for CS 5 do not address all the major safety problems inherent in the Vauxhall one-way system and call on the Mayor to urgently rip out this hazardous junction and replace it with a safer layout as he has promised”

The difficult road layout means that complex interchanges and cross-overs are required. On the north side of the traffic system people cycling out of town have a much wider path through a new entrance to the tunnel under the railway. People going into town ride on a cycle track protected from the motor traffic by a high concrete barrier.

The junction “I hate the most”

The Vauxhall one-way road system has been feared by cyclists for decades. LCC’s local group, Lambeth Cyclists, have been urging  for it to be replaced with normal two way streets. Lambeth Council have also been battling with Transport for London to get a re-design approved. After cyclist Tafsir Butt died in the one-way traffic system in June this year Andrew Gilligan told the BBC that this junction "is genuinely dangerous, and is unavoidable for thousands and thousands of cyclists".

He added it was "the one I hate the most".

The protected route continues through complex crossings then across Vauxhall Bridge. At Drummond Gate, where another cyclist was killed by a cement lorry in 2012, the route divides and TfL and Westminster Council are consulting of various routes to Belgravia. Routes through this junction appear unclear. Clear direction signage and generous timing of the traffic lights will be essential to make this safe and inviting for all cyclists.

London Cycling Campaign will be consulting with local cyclists and developing a full response to the consultation for the September deadline.

To find out more about the Mayor’s commitments to make cycling in London safe and inviting for cyclists click this link “Love London – Go Dutch”.

Visit the TfL consultation website to see all the plans for the whole scheme and further details, then add your views to their survey.