TfL gives incomplete statement to London Assembly on death of cyclist at Olympic Park

LCC has written to Transport for London Commissioner Peter Hendy asking him to clarify comments made to the London Assembly Transport Committee about the cyclist who was killed in a collision near the Olympic Park.

The road layout and signage in place at the time of the fatality encouraged cycling at the location where Dan Harris died.

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In fact, changes were made to the road layout at Lea Interchange (see photos below) shortly before the fatal collision, with markings that should have directed cyclists on to a shared-use pavement area being removed.

Our letter to TfL says: "In the absence of signage or road markings any knowledgeable and responsible cyclist would have assumed cycling on the pavement was illegal at this point, and that the intention was that cyclists should share the nearside Games lane with other traffic."

Additional signage to clarify the situation was only added after the fatal collision.

Daniel Harris died after being hit by a left-turning Games bus on 1 August 2012.

LCC commented in the aftermath of the crash that a lack of safe cycling routes is the most significant factor in most London cyclist fatalities.

How the road markings changed

Before the Games An arrow and bicycle symbol clearly advise cycling on the shared use pavement to the left of the road

During the Games At the time of the fatal crash, the markings had already been removed as part of the changes to create the Olympic Route Network