TfL launches another consultation on Elephant and Castle - but nothing much has changed for cycling

Elephant and Castle

Transport for London has just launched another consultation on proposed changes to Elephant and Castle - but unfortunately, not much has changed since we urged supporters to tell them that the plans for cycling aren't good enough.

The latest consultation, which will run until 22 December, focuses on the design of the public square and can be seen at - though you'll need to visit the previous consultation page to view the proposed changes to the road layout. Option B from the previous consultation, which TfL are progressing, does offer some space for cycling, but LCC thinks it's not good enough and there’s not enough of it.

Around 2000 cyclists travel through this junction at peak hour - but the planned tracks heading north will not have capacity for anything like that number, and additional traffic lights will delay cyclists. That means many people cycling will end up using the road, which actually becomes more hazardous for cyclists due to the increased risk of 'left hooks' - vehicles turning left across the cyclist's path - particularly at the junction of St George's Rd. Heading south, cyclists will have about 90 buses cutting in and out of their lane. There's also a lack of proper by-pass routes.

LCC's Infrastructure Review Group, in partnership with Southwark Cyclists, submitted an alternative proposal earlier this year which can be seen on the Southwark Cyclists website. In this scheme the roundabout is replaced by a simpler crossroads and T Junction, which can be synchronised to avoid traffic delay. Light controls at all junctions would prevent conflicts between left turning traffic and cyclists, and protected space would separate cyclists from buses. There's a clear need for a much better public transport interchange at Elephant and Castle, in a way that maximises pedestrian and cyclist safety and convenience.

You can read TfL's report on the previous consultation here.