TfL launches lorry-safety programme amid calls for stronger measures

photo TfL should be encouraging councils to adopt cycle training for lorry drivers. Sign LCC's petition



LCC has welcomed Transport for London's new awareness programme for lorry drivers and cyclists, but:

  • We're calling for driver training to become the rule not the exception
  • We have criticised the re-use of their cyclist-awareness poster.

Launched on 25 October 2010, the TfL programme is called "Take extra care around lorries at junctions", and highlights three measures:

  1. Cyclist-awareness training for lorry drivers
  2. Cycle training for cyclists
  3. Keeping clear of lorries

1. Cyclist-awareness training for lorry drivers

TfL is offering 540 free driver-training courses for companies who are members of their Freight Operators Recognition Scheme (FORS) - however, it's estimated that only about 20% of lorries in London belong to FORS members.

LCC's campaigns officer Charlie Lloyd said, "Teaching drivers to take responsibility for the safety of cyclists and pedestrians is the best way reduce risk for all.

"Thanks to intense lobbying from LCC its partners, TfL is going in the right direction, but we don't think these measures go far enough.

"We're urging TfL to include on-bike cycle training in the courses for professional competence, which would mean one day every driver would experience cycle training.

"We're also calling on TfL to facilitate driver training for council lorry drivers, such as the programmes in Lambeth and Hammersmith and Fulham."

Cycle training for adults

LCC supports TfL's wish for more cyclists to take advantage of adult commuter cycle training, and applauds its continued funding in the face of cuts. Find out more at

TfL Director of Better Routes and Places Ben Plowden said, "Adult cycle training is a great way to improve confidence and to develop the skills needed to keep cycling safely and comfortably throughout the winter."

TfL poster is alarmist

The press campaign includes the re-release of their poster "Undertaking at junctions can be fatal"

Lloyd said, "This poster is alarmist because all the cyclists in the picture should be seen by a careful driver.

"It would be far better if drivers were shown the poster and asked to work out a driving strategy to protect the surrounding cyclists."

Safety advice for all London cyclists

All London cyclists should read LCC's safety advice.