TfL says motorbikes in bus lanes report allows 'no meaningful comparison'

photo TfL says its interim report provides "no meaningful comparison" for the bus lanes trial

Transport for London says it's not possible to draw conclusions from the collision data in its interim report on the motorbikes bikes in bus lanes trial.

On page 5 the report says: "The data set covers a short time period which means that it cannot be considered conclusive, therefore no meaningful comparison to previous years' data can be made."

The report also states that it's "not possible to assess whether collisions took place in the bus lane or the main carriage way."

LCC communications officer Mike Cavenett said, "We share TfL's view that it's not possible to say from this four-month data set whether bus lanes are safer or more dangerous for any road users.

"We feel it would be misleading to use this data to make claims about safety. Any conclusions of this kind would ignore TfL's explicit advice that such comparison's are not meaningful based on this data."

As well as the inadequate data, there is widespread concern that the report ignores worrying negative impacts of the motorbikes in bus lanes trial.

The TfL Traffic Order, Statement of Reasons says the intention of the trial is "to facilitate the safe, efficient and effective movement of motorcyclists, without undue impact on other traffic, particularly bus journey times and trip reliability."

It appears that a major reason for the trial is to allow more motorcycles to make quicker journeys in London.

LCC is concerned that the impact of this extra motor traffic will be on the whole road network, not just on the bus lane sections of the journeys.

The environmental impact is likely to mean more noise, more air pollution, a deterioration of public space, and increased risk for pedestrians and cyclists. TfL has rejected LCC's requests for a wider analysis of the trial to examine these impacts.

Cycling development officer Charlie Lloyd said, "Our worry is that the limited scope of the analysis over 18 months will still fail to produce meaningful data.

"We think TfL should demonstrate a real benefit to London before extending the use of bus lanes to even more motorcycles."

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