Why cycling is good for employers

As more and more people take to two wheels in London, many companies are starting to address the needs of their cycling staff.

There are countless benefits to being a cycle-friendly employer, and here are just a few of them.

A healthier, happier workforce

Cycling is great exercise, and healthy staff are good for any company. Regular exercise halves a person’s chance of suffering from heart disease, and helps to prevent strokes, diabetes, and some kinds of cancer.

On a day to day basis, better fitness means more reliable employees who take fewer sick days and have better all-round health.

Not only will you have healthier employees, but happier ones too. Exercise like cycling reduces stress and staff will turn up at work on time, feeling bright and alive.

Lower staff turnover

Once hooked on that daily ride to work, employees won’t want to leave and work somewhere less friendly to their biking needs.

If you help them by providing facilities and implementing scheme like the Cycle to Work scheme, which allows them to buy a brand new bike tax-free (see the link on the right), they’ll be a happier, more motivated workforce.

Save money

If cycling is made easy you could cut down on the parking space you need, both for staff and visitors.

Up to 12 bikes can be securely locked in the space you need for one car. If you go a step further and set up a bike pool, you might even be able to cut the company car bill.

Corporate social responsibility

Promoting sustainable transport for staff is a genuine way of enhancing your organisation’s corporate image, and your employees will feel a pride in working for an organisation which recognises the importance of social and environmental responsibility.