The national roll-out of the Bikeability training scheme has arrived

Bikeability - the new standard for cycle trainingFollowing a very successful trial period from September 2006, the Bikeability cycle training scheme is now being rolled out nationally to help get the nation’s children back on their bikes. Bikeability is the new cycling proficiency standard by Cycling England and the Department for Transport. The scheme marks the biggest upgrade yet in cycle training for today’s children, and comes after a doubling of Government funding for cycling.

The standard has been developed by over 20 organisations and maintained by the professional body for cycle training, the Cycle Training Standards Board, and Bikeability is the only Government approved and nationally recognised award for cycle training today.

The official launch comes just as new research from Cycling England shows that over half of mums did their Cycling Proficiency or cycled regularly to school as a child; while now, only a quarter of today’s children have received formal training and 91% never cycle to school. Cycling England’s aim is that within 5 years, no child should leave primary school without the chance to receive Bikeability training.

During the pilot stage more than 10,000 badges were awarded in six months and over 80% of training organisers and instructors said they saw an increase in the number of children cycling to school after participating in Bikeability. Three in five (60%) parents whose children undertook the Bikeability training say they are now more positive about their children cycling on the roads.

LCC Campaigns Manager Tom Bogdanowicz says: “As surveys show, cycle training is an effective and useful way of enabling people to develop their confidence and enjoy cycling. People who complete cycle training courses such as Bikeability say they cycle more as a result. LCC welcomes the Bikeability programme and the benefits it will deliver in terms of improved individual health, reduced pollution and reduced congestion.”

Bikeability is being rolled out across the country so will not be available everywhere immediately. It is currently being offered by some local authorities in London and by independent training organisation Cycle Training UK – visit the Bikeability website for more information on how you can get Bikeability training for your school or child.