The top five tips for cycling in the snow that you should remember this week

The UK is set for a cold and snowy week and many cyclists will be considering downing tools as a result. But all is not lost. Hövding, experts in all things cycling and based in Sweden, therefore well versed in all things snow-related, has compiled a list of top tips to keep cyclists on their bikes - rather than resigning themselves to public transport with other commuters. 

1.    Decrease your tire pressure. The minimum PSI marked on the side of your tire is recommended.

2.    Remember not to brake too sharply. This will result in skidding and potential loss of control, putting yourself and others in danger.

3.    In addition to the above, be prepared to brake far more in advance than you usually would.

4.    If you are able, invest in some anti-fog glasses. These can help with the poor visibility and ensure the snow stays out of your eyes!

5.    Avoid metal on the roads. Manhole covers, gutters, grates, etc. can prove slippery in these conditions.