Thousands join LCC guided rides to a record-size London Skyride

Tens of thousands of cyclists, including a huge number of children, joined LCC led rides on Sunday 5 September 2010 to swell numbers the London Skyride to over 80,000.

Proving categorically the appetite huge for enjoying cycling in the capital, familes came from as far as Brighton and Southend to enjoy the rare spectacle of cycling dominance in the city centre.

LCC led over 50 guided rides from the suburbs, with as many as 300 cyclists on each ride. And guided rides in the afternoon took novice cyclists home.

Much of the 8-mile circuit was reduced to a standstill by the volume of cyclists, leading to calls from cyclists to hold the car-free events more often and make the circuit much larger.



photos Tom Bogdanowicz/Mike Cavenett/Mags Reinig/Rosie Tharp