Thousands join LCC's call to End Lorry Danger

Thousands of people have joined LCC's call to End Lorry Danger, with over 1200 leaving passionate comments on the petition to the Mayor of London in the hours after the petition launched, demonstrating clearly how passionately people feel that urgent action is needed. A selection of comments is below.

Neverending construction

The safer people feel, the more people who cycle. The more people who cycle, the more human-friendly our cities become."

Only benefits

I'm signing because I feel really scared when I hear a lorry approaching from behind and this makes me want to go by bus instead. This is why so many people are in cars and on public transport. Why is it taking this Capital so long to catch up with the rest of Europe. Come on - keep us moving in a healthy way. Everybody wins with safe cycling."

Edgware Rd

I'm signing because I have been the victim of a motor on cycle collision and was lucky to survive being struck by a car going at 40mph. If it had been an HGV I would not have survived." 

Too many people drive

I'm signing because it's terrifying being in such close proximity to them even if they are trying to be careful, but I've also experienced one too many of them nipping across a cycle lane in front of me in a hurry to turn left. (Hello CS7 junction with Marshalsea Rd, you know I'm talking about you.)"

Too many cyclists

I've been cycling in London for 11 years and I still find HGVs frightening. If Paris can ban them during rush hour, so can we. Stop killing people that are making healthy choices by cycling and taking pressure away from the NHS."

Lorry call

I'm signing because London's streets are not safe for cyclists. My whole family cycles, but I am too scared to let my children go on the roads."

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