Three lorry crashes within 24 hours in Greater London: one fatality and two very serious injuries

The cyclist killed on Wednesday in a collision with a Mercedes lorry on the A205 South Circular in West Dulwich has been named as Chiara Giacomini, aged 30. 

The crash took place near the junction of Thurlow Park Road and Gallery Road, on a curved section of main road with narrow non-mandatory cycle lanes offering no protection to cyclists.

According to the Evening Standard, Ms Giacomini had worked for the Tate for eight years.

A Tate spokesperson said, "She was a vibrant presence in so many people’s lives, full of imagination, flair and energy. Stylish, intelligent and colourful, with a deeply held passion for art, Chiara affected everyone she met."

The evening prior to this fatal collision, there were two other serious lorry crashes on main roads.

In the first, a pedestrian on Great Eastern Street suffered serious injuries after being run over by a lorry; while in the second, a cyclist on Tower Bridge Road also suffered possibly life-changing injuries. 

The three crashes took place just hours before Mayor Boris Johnson announced measures to reduce the danger from lorries on London’s streets, including a proposal to introduce a ‘Safer Lorries charge’ zone. 

All the crashes took place on the Transport for London main road network, in locations known to be hostile to cycling and walking.

On Monday, 5000 Londoners on bicycles encircled Parliament during the LCC-organised Space for Cycling protest ride calling for dedicated space to make cycling safe.

Yesterday's cycling fatality was the seventh in Greater London this year, and the fifth involving a lorry.