Tour de France FAQ

On Saturday 7th July, LCC will be taking thousands of riders from points across London to an exclusive viewing area in Hyde Park to watch the Prologue race of the Tour de France. You can find out more or register to join us or help out by following the links on the right.

Please note: registration is now closed but come and see us at our spot in the People's Village in Hyde Park.

Will I be able to keep up on the rides?

Yes – the rides will be at a gentle pace and there will be support for slower riders – no-one will be left behind!

Will there be secure cycle parking?

Yes, there is secure cycle parking for LCC riders. There will be security guards and you will get a ticket when you leave your bike there, but you will need a lock.

I want to go with my friends, but they live in different boroughs. Can we start from different locations?

That’s no problem – but do make sure we have at least one postal address for friends in each group, as they’ll need the form we send out at the ride.

What and where is the viewing area?

The viewing area is an elevated platform on Achilles Way: follow the link on the right for a map.

Where are the rides going from?

The ride starting points can be found on the registration pages (see link on right).

Can I take my kids on the rides to the viewing area?

Absolutely, but please do make sure they are safe as they will be your responsibility. If they’ll be in a child seat, please make sure it is fitted properly and if they are on their own bikes do make sure they’re in a roadworthy condition. (For more information please see our pages on Cycling with Children.)

If you’re concerned that your kids will get bored in the viewing area, rest assured that the LCC area in the People’s Village is very family-friendly with face-painting and more to keep them entertained.

Can non-cyclists get access to the viewing area?

Unfortunately not, but the LCC area in the People’s Village will be very near a large screen showing the race, so no-one will miss out.

I pre-registered ages ago and haven’t heard from you.

If you pre-registered before June and haven’t heard from us, please get in touch: while we have tried to follow up bouncing emails, in some cases we won’t be aware that an email hasn’t got through (i.e. if a server mistakes it for spam). If you pre-registered after June, we are still collecting pre-registrations so you may have an email coming shortly, but if you haven’t heard from us by Thursday 28th June please get in touch.

Can I take my bike on a train part of the way to the Tour?

On some networks there are allocated spaces for cycles, but please be aware that demand for these spaces is likely to be very high over the Tour de France weekend. Some networks are running their normal bike-rail policies during the weekend, for example South West, who will take cycles up until their allocated cycle spaces are full. Other networks such as South Eastern are not taking bikes over this weekend. It is possible to get around this by taking a folding bike, on which there are no restrictions, or by packing your bike up by taking the front wheel out, dropping and turning the handlebars and dropping the saddle before wrapping it all in plastic, an old tent or something similar.

If you have a question which isn’t answered here, please get in touch below: