Islington and Tower Hamlets CLOCking on to construction safety

Islington and Tower Hamlets signing up to the CLOCS safety standard for construction sites

In response to a letter sent to him by LCC, the Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs and the cabinet member for transport in islington, Claudia Webbe,  have said that their boroughs will sign up to the Construction Logistics and Community Safety standard (CLOCS). This is great news that will help make London’s streets safer for walking and cycling.

Once Islington and Tower Hamlets have formally signed up to CLOCS and included it in their planning processes, all major new developments in the boroughs will  need to follow the same, progressive, road danger reduction programme for construction sites that is already working successfully in Camden and the City of London.

LCC’s CEO Dr Ashok Sinha recently wrote to all council leaders in boroughs that are not yet CLOCS ‘champions’ suggesting they consider adopting the industry-led standard to help reduce road related road risk. We are delighted that  Islington and Tower Hamlets have responded so positively.

Other boroughs have  also expressed an interest in joining CLOCS and we look forward to hearing of formal commitments.

In short, following CLOCS standards means that sites have to have marshals to guide vehicles on and off site; all lorries arriving on site have to meet specific safety requirements, and all drivers have to have their licenses checked and have completed the Safer Urban Driving course.

Many forward-looking lorry operators, developers and construction firms have already voluntarily signed up to CLOCs (there are more than 500 CLOCS ‘champions’) and the adoption of CLOCS requirements by councils will increase the level of uptake across the construction sector.

If you want your borough to become a CLOCS ‘champion’ you can raise the matter with your local councillor and/or council leader. There is more information on issues to mention here and a guide to how Camden did it here.