Townmead Youth Project test their cycling staying power

Townmead youth project

Townmead youngsters at Evans Cycles “Ride It” event in Great Messenden

The young people from Hammersmith and Fulham were horrified at the thought of having to arrive at the club at 9am on Sunday 2 August. Nonetheless they duly arrived, the bikes had already been loaded onto the coach, and the group managed to get on the road on time.

The 10.30am arrival left a bit of time to re-assemble the bikes, get route maps and ID cards before setting off.

The circuit

Participants could choose to do either a 15 mile or 30 mile circuit and especially the younger participants wanted to go for the longer distance.

But as the Townmead riders started to climb the first hill, it became obvious that one of the bikes was not working properly. 

And the obstacles on the way

The back brake was rubbing on the back wheel making it really hard to cycle. Project leader Fiona decided to cycle back with the young person and change the bike for one of the spares - thank goodness they had brought extra ones!
Evans was on hand to fix the problem whilst the group continued with the ride.

Back at the start again, this time with a working bike, Fiona had to encourage the young woman to climb the steep hill for the second time.

Given the number of hills and the delays, the group eventually opted for the shorter route at the road split.

The sun shone as the Townmead riders cycled up the final hill where they high fived each other, feeling chuffed and exhausted, congratulating each other on their group accomplishment.

Fact file:

Project: Townmead Youth project - Hammersmith and Fulham
Purpose: Encourage young people and their community to cycle.
Awarded £2,835.82 by the Community Cycling Fund for London in 2009.
Activities: cycle training, maintenance sessions, social rides.