Transporting kids by trailer Credit: Debbie Humphrey

6 months to 6 years approx

Trailers may not be appropriate for heavy traffic in central London, but they can be great for less busy areas. They don’t affect your centre of balance, and if the bike falls over, a good trailer won’t. They also allow you to carry extra belongings with you, and shelter the child from weather. It’s advisable to fix a tall flag to the trailer to make it easier for cars to see it.

There is no specific safety standard for child trailers as a legal requirement of sale in the UK. Trailers may be CE marked but this is not currently a requirement.

Remember that if you are using the trailer at night, it must have its own rear red light or lights.

Most trailers are designed for one or two children. Maximum capacity for a two seater trailer is usually two children up to about six years old, though this will be hard work up hills.

The trailer you choose will connect to your bike using a hitch. Hitches vary, and can mount to the seat post, bike rack, axle or frame, so you’ll need to work out which hitch fits your bike. Beware of heavy steel frames – alloy frames and quality fabric that won’t tear easily are best. Alternatively ask someone carrying children in a trailer for their experiences.