Train tactics for ride leaders

Use the following tips to make your group train journey as easy as possible...

  • Many trains have limited capacity and some require booking – check in advance
  • Often there are restrictions at busy times – check with the operator
  • Check if there are engineering works or other planned problems on the ride day – replacement buses often will not take bikes
  • To help load the train quickly, ask station staff where to stand on the platform to be next to the bike carriage
  • Many trains will only carry a certain number of bikes in each carriage, so riders may have to split up into groups of 4 or so
  • Be prepared to remove panniers before loading bikes if space is tight
  • Having your own bungee cord can help keep your bike in position on the train
  • Group-save tickets can save up to 50% of cost so are worth investigating
  • Ensure riders know which station to get off at, and the station before so they can get ready