Transport for London announces 50 dangerous junctions to be made safer for cycling in 2013

Following months of consultation with LCC and others, Transport for London has announced 100 junctions that will be made safer for cycling and walking, with 50 to be completed by the end of 2013.

These 50 form part of another list of 100, which TfL promises will all be reviewed by the end of next year, with action in 2014.

List of the 100 junctions (PDF)

Map of the 100 junctions (PDF)

The measures are part of a major review of the capital's worst 500 junctions launched by the Mayor in December 2011 after widespread outrage at the death of two cyclists at Bow roundabout [LINK].

Echoing our Love London, Go Dutch campaign, TfL says improvements at these junctions will include "adopting best practice from other European countries", with the following measures being considered:

  • creating more segregated cycle lanes
  • 20mph speed limits
  • installing innovative ‘early-start’ traffic signals to allow cyclists to move through the junction ahead of other traffic
  • removing slip roads

LCC Chief Executive Ashok Sinha said, "We're delighted the Mayor and Transport for London are making these junctions safer, after a review that came about because of pressure from our supporters.

"We're also pleased that our staff and local activists are putting forward best-case solutions, many of which we  hope will be adopted by Transport for London.

“We hope TfL will not reject the best solutions for cycling and walking because it thinks they'll affect motor traffic capacity."

Many of the junctions are on existing or proposed Cycle Superhighways, and approaches to inner city Thames bridges are also highlighted.

Blackfriars Bridge, scene of three demonstrations over cycle safety in 2011, is also earmarked for improvement.

The announcement comes in a week when the father of a cyclist killed in Croydon called for more to be done to improve cyclist safety, and when the Parliamentary Select Committee on transport also called for more to be done.