Transport for London launches 'Bank Job' cycle safety video

video The new prime-time TV and cinema cycle safety video from TfL cost a reported £200,000 to produce.

The latest TfL cycle safety video, launched to coincide with the mayor's Cycle Safety Action Plan, takes an unusual approach to try and reduce road danger but it’s message, to look out for cyclists, is vital.

The 40-second advert, aimed at cinemas, features a bank heist that goes wrong. The objects the robbers are focusing on (police, money) are giant in size, other objects are small. 

Only in the final frames, when the cyclist collides with the getaway car (the bank robbers see only the oversized police car) is it made clear this is a safety-awareness film.

The aim is clearly to be eye-catching and to encourage sharing of the ad virally on the web. What do you think?

The production continues TfL's series of films designed to encourage motor drivers to be more aware of cyclists. (See the others here.)


Pointless advert. Why would these "bad guys" be bothered about someone on a bike? It's not as if this would foil their plans. Next scene=they carry on driving. It doesn't suggest that colliding  with a cyclist is more than an irritation.
Steve Russell

200k to spread the message that bank robbers are not concerned about other people's safety. Great, well done.


Most shocking crimes against cyclists are committed by people who normally wouldn't dream of breaking the law, until you put them in charge of a high-speed block of metal, and then their decency and common sense goes out the window.

Most peculiar... I've watched this bank-heist thing 4 times, and the getaway car is moving backwards out of the path of the cyclist. This makes the cyclist look incompetent, and responsible for the collision. What on earth is going on?
Philip Russell

That's just bizarre. My best guess is the ad agency was bored by the idea of a road safety film and really wants to break into movies.

Richard Selby

@Philip Russell Good spot... maybe a filming technique? Makes no sense to the story
Gerry P