Transport for London lorry safety poster misinforms cyclists and drivers

LCC's version of the poster makes it clear the lorry driver shares responsibility for cyclist safety

The TfL version incorrectly states that a driver couldn't see these cyclists: he could if his mirrors were correctly fitted, adjusted, and he used them properly

Formal complaint to Transport for London

LCC has complained to Transport for London that a poster highlighting the danger to cyclists of passing lorries on the left side is misleading.   

TfL's poster claims: ‘All these cyclists are in the driver’s blind spot’, but LCC says a more appropriate wording would be: ‘A safe driver should be able to see all the cyclists’.

Former lorry driver and LCC campaigner Charlie Lloyd said, "The poster and the accompanying video give the false impression that a driver could not see any of the cyclists."
LCC has campaigned for decades to overturn the belief that there is a huge blind spot area beside lorries which explains why they kill or injure so many cyclists and pedestrians.

Lloyd said, "We've succeeded in changing the type of mirrors fitted to all lorries in Europe so there is little or no blind spot close in on the left side of lorries.

"The true risk areas that remain are immediately in front of the front-left corner and about 2m away to the left of the cab.

"The most important step towards reducing lorry danger is to help drivers use their mirrors so that as they drive down the road they get a good view of every section where a cyclist or pedestrian may be.

The images for the poster and video are misleading for these reasons:

(1) An older (pre-2000) lorry was used without the updated mirror systems required by over 90% of the large lorries in London.

(2) A driver turning does not see a single image in their mirror; in reality the view is being constantly refreshed.

(3) The lorry in the poster would be unable to complete its turn without driving the trailer over the pavement. If it straightened, it would bring the cyclists into view (if it had the correct mirrors adjusted properly). 

(4) The wide angle mirror is badly positioned: the law requires drivers to have mirrors correctly adjusted at all times.

LCC leads the way in evidence-based cyclist safety information

LCC has produced a safety card that explains which areas around lorries are most dangerous to cyclists. The card was produced based on lorry-cyclist collision evidence from the UK and Europe.