Cyclists Stay Back stickers to go!

After six months of persistent criticism Transport for London has agreed to help remove the "Cyclist Stay Back" stickers from cars, vans and buses.

This is a considerable victory for London Cycling Campaign and our cycling and transport campaigning allies.

TfL will:

  1. Ask the Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme (FORS) members to remove stickers from small vehicles
  2. Replace stickers on buses with a new agreed message
  3. Write to other fleet owners requesting they remove stickers
  4. Agree new wording for stickers on large lorries
  5. Issue guidance with the new stickers on their use
  6. Create a TfL web page with advice about the stickers

London Cycling Campaign with CTC, RoadPeace, London Boroughs Cycling Officers Group, Road Danger Reduction Forum and the Association of Bikeability Schemes met with senior managers at Transport for London to agree on how to stop the proliferation of the offensive Cyclists Stay Back stickers.

LCC supports the need for a warning to cyclists about the danger caused when large lorries with inadequate driver vision turn left and collide with cyclists and pedestrians.  The "Stay Back" message however is seen as a prohibition and has been interpreted by drivers as telling cyclists to get out of their way, with the implication that if a collision occurs then it's the cyclist's fault for not having done so.

The real solution for reducing the danger created by "off road" construction vehicle on London streets is to re-design the driver's cab as in the LCC Safer Urban Lorry concept.

This prohibition sign is particularly inappropriate on the vehicles whose drivers do not have the same difficulty as lorry drivers, such as buses vans and even cars. Drivers of these vehicles have direct vision of the road in front and to the side. By using their mirrors and taking care as directed by the Highway Code they should be able to avoid putting other road users in danger.

The next challenge is to encourage all those transport companies who have put "Stay Back" signs on the wrong vehicles to take them off. Both the Freight Transport Association and The Road Haulage Association have expressed frustration at the confusion caused by mixed messages and hostile reactions.

Working with Transport for London we will agree a new wording to give a clear warning on large lorries, they will not be distributing any more "Stay Back" stickers. We still recommend the use of the previous warning agreed between TfL and LCC. This is currently available from the RHA online shop.

 Other stickers are available

We also like the offer of a "Cyclists  Stay Awesome" sticker available to buy online via the Road.CC website.