Transport for London to review outdate cycle parking standards

Raising bike parking standards at national and regional level is a key factor in improving availability

Transport for London is reviewing its outdated cycle parking standards, according to a Mayoral response.

Meanwhile, the Minister for Transport has told LCC that it will "keep this issue under review" when the Government's advice on cycle parking (PPG13) is revised.

LCC has lobbied both TfL and the DfT over the inadequacy of current minimum standards.
TfL’s current low and inconsistent standards specify, for example, only one bike space for 250 sq metres of gross floor area in an office, which can mean one space for more than 30 staff.

National guidance on cycle parking provides no official minimum, saying only that cycle parking should be consistent with local cycling strategies.

Outdated standards (and some in other cities are even lower than London's) are often based on office-space-per-person measures that predate modern IT equipped buildings that have far denser populations.
Some London boroughs are in the process of re-drafting and consulting on their Local Development Frameworks (LDFs), which usually include cycle parking standards.

In most cases they will use TfL’s outdated standards.

If you want better provision, ask to see your local council's standards and highlight their shortcomings.

In Cambridge, for example, where more than 25% of journeys are by bike, the requirement is for one bike space per 30 sq metres.

For university buildings Cambridge specifies one space per student, instead of the one per eight students in London’s current standards.