Transport minister agrees with 20mph on Blackfriars and will talk to TfL.

Norman Baker MP the 'cycling minster' at the Department for Transport joined the Parliamentary Cycling Group ride across Blackfriars Bridge. Many riders quizzed him about how to reduce the danger to cyclists there.

Bike Biz magazine editor, Carlton Reid, videod the ride and interviewed the minister on Blackfriars.

London Cycling Campaign chief executive, Ashok Sinha, asked him to help and Mr Baker agree to talk with Boris Johnson and Transport for London.   Jim Davis from Cycling Embassy of GB joined the call to re-design the bridge junctions.

 Baker agreed that 20mph would be a good idea for cyclists, while pointing out the responsibility lies with the Mayor and TfL.  He wants to provide the framework to allow local authorities freedom to provide for the transport choices of all people.

How you can help:

Join our photo petition to send your own message to the Mayor and TfL.

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