Trikes for the service users of Bede House in Southwark

Bede House

Learning difficulties and special needs project funded by the Community Cycling Fund for London (CCFfL)

Bede House used their CCFfL grant to purchase trikes to add to their existing fleet of two-wheelers. Service users with balance and confidence issues can now go riding. 

Project worker Sarah explains:

'All of them who want to ride can, which means that they now get that feeling of freedom that cycling gives you – the wind in your hair, the ability to get places quicker, and just being out and about.'

Bede House has two cycle groups a week. Community Cycling Officer Belinda Sinclair visited and arrived as the group was starting the safety session.

One of the regular riders, an enthusiastic young man called Emmanuel, was going through the key points. Sarah was on hand with a picture crib chart in case he needed help but he didn’t.

Having covered the safety issues competently, he selected his chosen ride for the morning.

'I’m going to ride this one. I like this one because I can go fast and I like braking. But I will be careful because I’m good at riding.'

Part of the programme is to encourage people to discover what they are capable of doing for themselves. And the participants really seem to relish the sense of autonomy that the new trikes have afforded them, as Belinda observed:

'They were just two young lads out enjoying a ride on their bikes, in the summer sunshine.'

( ** Names of Service Users have been changed to preserve confidentiality.)

Fact file

Project: Bede Cycle Project, Bede House
Purpose: To provide resources and support for adults with learning difficulties and special needs and to develop a cycling element to the activities on offer
Awarded: £4808.31
Founded: 2009
Activities: Safety sessions, group rides in Southwark Park, encouraging people to discover their own abilities.