Triple win for mini-Holland boroughs

Three great bits of news from the three mini-Holland boroughs!

Top billing goes to Enfield, whose first public consultation result was a massive win and ringing public endorsement for #space4cycling. The A105 scheme including Palmers Green and Green Lanes had seemed hugely controversial – posters went into lots of shop windows predicting the end of this shopping street, and residents were up in arms. But despite a lot of heat and noise, the end result was a whopping 60 percent of local residents want the scheme - thanks in part to a positive campaign from the Enfield Cycling Campaign (pictured above with Chris Boardman).

Over 1,650 people responded – very high numbers for a local consultation. So, given the big campaign against the scheme and fear-mongering, this is a hugely welcome result. As Andrew Gilligan told The Evening Standard: "Residents in all these areas, the vast majority of them non-cyclists, want these schemes because they know almost everyone will benefit." He followed that up by saying: "Cycling schemes often do create a lot of noise. But the lesson fromWalthamForest,Enfield and indeed the superhighway is that noise is not the same as numbers."

InWalthamForest, the good news was that local pro-car, anti-mini-Holland protestors E17Streets4All failed in their bid to get a statutory review of the village area residential modal filter scheme, and indeed the entire mini-Holland programme so far. They called consultation a "sham", despite the council having mounted one of the largest engagement and consultation exercises it had ever put on, and claimed the scheme would lead to greater air pollution.

The judge, Mr Justice Holgate, not only ruled there was "no merit whatsoever" in the case against the council, but pointed out the scheme had been modified by the council following the public consultation. The council were awarded costs of approximately £12,000 from the protest group.

Finally, in Kingston, after both the Kingston Cycling Campaign and Andrew Gilligan had to fight to ensure a scheme that really did deliver safe #space4cycling went in, the good news is work has begun on the Portsmouth Roadmini-Holland two-way segregated track. Cllr Terry Paton told the local paper: "The public consultation that we ran earlier this year clearly showed support for the scheme and, after a lot of preparatory work, it is time to crack on with the main works so that everyone can benefit from the improvements."

So, some great news from across all three mini-Holland boroughs and a big well done to our local groups in those areas, who have been critical to these success stories!

Do you live in either of these areas and want to help your local LCC group in their efforts to ensure the schemes deliver high quality space for cycling? Then get in touch; they could all do with some extra pairs of hands! 

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