Tube strike tomorrow: get on your bike!

Don’t get caught up in the tube strike mayhem tomorrow – keep your cool and simply cycle to work instead.

Tube strikes generally cause commuter meltdown and tomorrow - Thursday August 6 -  will be no different. Changes and cancellations to services all day will create headaches and stress for anyone not blessed with the freedom to work from home, but there's a way out – and no, it’s not the bus.

Rather than sit in gridlock on a rapidly overheating bus or add to the mayhem by bringing your own car, imagine yourself happily gliding through the crowds and congestion on your own bicycle.

Here at London Cycling Campaign, we want more Londoners to cycle all year round, but if there's one day to start commuting to work by bike it’s tomorrow. Not only will your journey be quicker but you'll save money, get fitter and even enjoy your trip.

For people travelling longer distances (perhaps over 5 or 6 miles), you could think about cycling some of the way – perhaps to the nearest train or bus station.

It's also a great time to think about protecting yourself with third party cycling insurance - something that every member of London Cycling Campaign is fully covered by.

That means what when there's a risk, there's someone willing to cover you against the worst. As London's leading cycling organisation, LCC negotiates the best deals and passes on the savings to our members.

Membership costs £40 per year, or £19 for students, the unwaged or seniors, and includes £5m of third-party cover. Join LCC now to protect yourself with insurance and prepare yourself to bike tomorrow's strike!

Top tips for biking the strike

  1. Think ahead and find a quiet cycle route that avoids main roads and junctions by using our Route Planner. These routes can often be quicker as there are no big junctions or traffic lights to slow you down.
  2. Be extra careful near large lorries an avoid positioning yourself in a drivers’ blind spot. Read our advice for safer cycling around lorries here.
  3. Get insurance. Consider becoming a London Cycling Campaign member to avail of third party liability insurance and make sure you're fully protected if the worst happens.
  4. Be an assertive cyclist. You have the same right to use the streets as other road users. It's safer to ride at least a metre from the kerb or parked cars so you can avoid opening car doors, plus you're more visible to other road users, such as those pulling out from side roads or approaching from behind. (But if you feel like you’re being hassled by drivers, just let them pass until you’re confident holding your position.)
  5. Be law-abiding and considerate. Slow down and give pedestrians lots of space on shared paths, where they always have priority.
  6. Make sure you lock your bike securely at your destination so it’s still there when you want to ride home! Read our guide to bike security here.
  7. Take it slow. Thousands will have opted to walk to and from work so there will be lots of extra pedestrians around central London, plus more taxis and other vehicles using the roads.

More advice and tips on cycling in London

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