Two more one-way City streets become two-way for cyclists

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photo The City of London has made another two one-way streets two-way for cyclists


In a bid to remove barriers for cyclists and to link Cycle Superhighway 3 and Tower Bridge to Bank, the City is allowing two-way cycling on Lloyd’s Avenue and Lombard Street.

Going west, this creates a convenient route from Tower Hill via Crosswall and Fenchurch Street.

Completing the work on Cheapside will improve this route. Unfortunately hazards for cyclists still remain at Bank junction and Holborn Circus.

Cyclists are still waiting for Transport for London to fix the westbound section on at Tower Hill, which is well behind schedule.

Charlie Lloyd, LCC campaigns officer, said, “Unblocking quiet cycling routes is essential for Londoners to get the best from the new Hire Bikes and Cycling Superhighways.

“LCC is working with TfL to promote a central London ‘BikeGrid’ of quiet routes connecting east to west and north and south.”

LCC's advocacy for permeability measures has already succeeded in several one-way streets being opened up two-ways for cyclist. See the links below.