Urgent Action: Take 10 minutes to protect city cycling

Write to your London Assembly Member asking them to do everything they can to protect cycling budgets from public expenditure cuts.

Every day we read a new story about the cuts in public spending planned by the government. The Comprehensive Spending Review is only a week away and the knives are being sharpened.

Please write to your London Assembly Member welcoming all the support for cycling that the Mayor and Assembly have given, and reminding them that expenditure on cycling is a vital investment:

  • According to the Department of Transport every pound spent on cycling yields at least three pounds of benefit to the economy. Cycling is part of the solution to London’s economic difficulties.
  • Employers all over the capital are realising the potential for a fitter, happier, more productive workforce. We need to maintain public investment to enable more of London’s workers to cycle.
  • A cycling city is a world class city, making London a healthier and more attractive place to live, work and play.

The more of you who write, the greater the chances of success.

You can find out who your Assembly Member (including their email and postal address) is here.

If you can, please call on your MP to do all they can to support cycling too.

And finally, if you have time, please send us any copies of any replies that you might receive by email email with the subject Cycling City or in the post to London Cycling Campaign, 2 Newhams Row, SE1 3UZ.

Thanks for your support.