URGENT: Today is last chance to email for a safe Blackfriars Bridge

photo Cyclists must email Transport for London to prevent Blackfriars Bridge becoming more hazardous

Friday 15 April is the last day you can email (STengagement@tfl.gov.ukTransport for London to protest against a new design for Blackfriars Bridge that increases danger for cyclists.

If thousands of objections flood the TfL inbox, they must change the plans to make the bridge properly safe for cyclists.

This design could be in place for 20 years, so if you fail to email now, we could be stuck with the dangers for the foreseeable future.

You can see plans for the bridge on the consultation page and read more by following the links on the right.

LCC has suggested what you can write below, which you can copy if you're short of time, but it's more effective if you put the arguments in your own words:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I'm a Londoner who cycles across Blackfriars Bridge regularly, and I'm deeply concerned the new plans increase danger for all cyclists.

I understand the renovation of Blackfriars Station has made new demands for space for pedestrians, and I support these because I also walk frequently in the City.

However, TfL's own figures show that one third of bridge users at peak times are cyclists, but the plans make little or no provision for us.

I don't understand why it's acceptable to prioritise motor vehicle flow to the detriment of cyclist safety, when cyclists form a significant and growing part of the overall bridge traffic.

I also feel strongly that there is no place for urban motorways of this kind in places where massive numbers of people walk and cycle regularly.

The new design is certain to damage the Mayor's own targets for cycling growth in the capital.

Specifically, the current and proposed layouts are hazardous to cyclists because:

1. The northbound cycle lane will end up much narrower than it was back in 2006, when it was widened after the tragic and much-publicised death of a cyclist on the bridge.

2. Southbound, there'll be no cycle lane at the narrowest point that has the heaviest traffic, even though there's a cycle lane there now.

3. The speed limit will be raised to 30mph, even though a TfL report has clearly stated that most, if not all, central London bridges should have 20mph speed limits to reduce road danger.

4. Cyclists won't be able to get from Embankment or the bridge to Queen Victoria Street without cutting across two lanes of fast-moving traffic.

Crossing Thames bridges is an unavoidable part of cycling in London, and you have a responsibility to make them safe and accessible to all road users.

I look forward to seeing a revised design that encourages cycling, resulting in cleaner air, reduced CO2 and noise pollution, less congestion, and a healther population.

Yours faithfully


Please email your responses to the public engagement (STEengagement@tfl.gov.uk) without delay.