Vauxhall cyclist crash shows dangers of articulated lorries to vulnerable road users

Sadly, this week a cycle courier suffered what are believed to be serious leg injuries after being hit by an articulated lorry at Vauxhall Cross one-way system.

There are few details of how the Vauxhall crash happened, but the dangers of articulated and other large lorries are well known in Greater London, being involved in half cyclist fatalities despite making up only 5% of the traffic.

Yet the Government is planning to put longer, even more dangerous on London's streets.

We're urging cyclists to join thousands of others in writing to their MP to protest against these plans to put longer, articulated lorries on our streets.

Experts say 2m-longer HGVs will provide an immediate increase in danger to cyclists and walkers, as well as being detrimental to future city planning as streets are widened to accommodate the extra bulk.

Since we and other campaigning organisations asked our supporters to write to your MPs about longer lorries, it's estimated over 1000 people have responded.

Ministers have been criticised for bypassing the Parliamentary scrutiny process, so it's vital that your MP knows about the dangers of longer lorries.

If enough MPs complain about the lack of due process, then there's a real possibility ministers will have to think again.

Email your MP today

Please email your MP. We've written an example letter, and it takes a few seconds to contact your MP.

In recent years, through our No More Lethal Lorries campaign, LCC has been at the forefront of lobbying to make lorries safer, not more dangerous.