Video examining cycle safety in London highlights need to reject flawed modelling data

Communications student Laura Borner produced this film about cycling safety in London as part of her degree course.

It features an interview with Debbie Dorling, widow of father-of-three Brian Dorling who was killed by a left-turning lorry at Bow roundabout in October 2011.

LCC communications manager Mike Cavenett also speaks.

In a worrying section of the film, eight minutes in, a representative of TfL explains that the mayor's policy of keeping motor traffic moving is important for cycle safety - a view we oppose.

We strongly dispute the TfL traffic-modelling data that typically predicts allocating road space to cycling and walking will create motor traffic congestion. 

The Dutch realise it's necessary to prioritise passage of the most vulnerable (pedestrians and cyclists) to protect them, a practice that also benefits motor traffic flow because people switch their short journeys from car to non-congesting modes of transport such as bicycle and foot.

At least there are signs in the Junction Review (also mentioned in the film) and the ongoing Superhighways programme that the mayor and TfL are examining these flawed modelling predictions in accordance with their Love London, Go Dutch commitments.