Volunteers out in force to gather support for 'Love London, Go Dutch' call for safer cycling streets

Over 100 volunteers will be out on London's streets today and during the next three weeks collecting signatures for the Love London, Go Dutch petition and telling people about 28 April's Big Ride in support of safer streets for cycling. 

So far, after only a couple of days of street action, 5000 extra people have signed our petition, with volunteers collecting signatures in parks, around universities and in other central locations where Londoners have been enjoying the good weather.

The response to the petition on the streets has been spectacularly good, and it's no exaggeration to say that the vast majority of people have been keen to support it.

Yes, as soon as we ask Londoners if they'll support safer streets for cycling they instinctively agree, even if they don't cycle themselves, which is often the case.

22-year-old art student Sachia Milani said, "I live in Camberwell and want to cycle to college, but there are too many cars and I don't feel safe.

"If there were good bike lanes I would feel much more confident."

Pensioner George Waitwell from Camden said, "I ride my bike all over London, even though my wife thinks I'm crazy.

"When we travel overseas in places like France and Holland we often cycle together, but never at home.

"Things are better here now there are so many more cyclists, but much more needs to be done."

LCC's Mike Cavenett, "We were astounded by how many people have said they don't cycle, but want to, when signing the petition. 

"And those who do cycle all seem to agree that the streets don't feel safe enough."

"Londoners are also thrilled by the thought of continental-standard bike facilities in the capital... this is clearly the way forward." 

Please sign the petition