Vote for Cycling on May 1st

The London Eye Credit: Matt Pulzer

Use the link on the right to download an article from the current issue of London Cyclist on the mayoral elections, featuring the four main candidates' responses to LCC's cycling manifesto.

On May the 1st we are voting for the kind of London we want to call home. I expect that your choice like mine will be based on a number of considerations. For me cycling brings together many of my most important concerns. I believe that cycling is a touchstone of a Mayor’s vision for London. The modern socially and environmentally responsible city is a cycling friendly city. It is a city that promotes healthy living, equality of access, and provides a healthy environment. A thriving and vibrant city, one at ease with itself and in control is a cycling city. The mayor doesn’t run everything in London but he or she does have powers over the things that matter to cyclists, including the budget, the management of Transport for London and creating the strategic plans that govern the city’s transport, planning and the environment.

Cycling has prospered over the past four years because of measures we have been fighting for to restrain motor traffic and to increase resources for cycling and walking.

All the leading candidates told the LCC’s magazine London Cyclist that they are pro-cycling. And indeed they need to be behind cycling, because without a 400% increase in cycling from 2000 to 2025, the anticipated increase in population of one million will lead to London’s transport system grinding to a halt.

We at LCC will be keeping up the pressure in the run up to the elections. We will be pressing the candidates for a firmer commitment to our manifesto and to take actions on broader issues of importance to cyclists. We want to raise the bar so that the best on offer is the starting point for all of the candidates. Vigilance and outside pressure is the only way to turn ‘nice pro-cycling noises’ into serious cycling policy commitments.

Our membership, our active groups, and our knowledge and experience provide our mandate and credibility to press these demands. We cannot and will not let up.

If you are not already a member, join us and be part of a growing and successful movement for change.

Koy Thomson, Chief Executive LCC